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Rush is Recognized

OK…just so y’all don’t start to think I’m just a crotchety old man, today we have a fun post.

Rush was finally inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this week. A lot of us say “It’s about time!” The band has been eligible for entry for about fourteen years! What have they been thinking?! (Uh, oh. The crotchety old man is trying to get out.)

Seriously…how often have we seen newer bands list Rush as one of their inspirations for playing music? How many ‘best rock drummer’ lists put Neil Peart at the top? I am just glad the guys finally made it. A big thanks to Jerry for introducing me to their music all those years ago!

Thoughts on Rush…

The thing that impressed me right off that bat is that these guys are literate! They write songs about so many different things…



Science Fiction…..

Even their ‘drug songs’ are about not your typical ‘party hearty’ songs…

Musically, what has impressed me the most is the always melodic bass lines. The first song I noticed this in…

Now…a bass is a rhythm instrument. To follow the bass on most songs, you can tap your foot, or thump out the beat. With Rush, you can actually hum the bass line. Who else can you do this with?!

Check out the bass melody in this one. Also, this song is one of the most perfect examples I can think of in which the vocals perfectly match the instrumental. Listen how closely they’re matched when Geddy starts singing about “well weathered leather”…

One last memory…when I was on a Backcountry trail crew in the middle of nowhere in Yosemite National Park, I decided one day to climb up the ridge above camp to see what I could pick up on my Walkman radio. I tuned mostly through static, but then picked up one strong signal. The interesting drums told me that I had probably found a rock station out of LA. I didn’t recognize the song but I settled in to listen. Then the bass kicked in.

“That sounds like Geddy Lee, but I don’t recognize the song,” I thought.

Then the vocal started. Absolutely, positively Geddy Lee! But I did not know the song. After the song was over, the DJ announced the song was ‘Force Ten’ from Rush’s new album Hold Your Fire.

And all was right with the world.

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