Levelling Up

14 Apr

Last Wednesday was Josh’s Icewind Dale campaign. My wizard is not far from 4th level. This brings us to a difference between AD&D and 5E.

At 4th level, my wizard gets more hit points and another 2nd level spell, just like in AD&D. However, in 5E, players can also increase
one attribute by one point. You can put it wherever you want it: STR, INT, DEX, CON, or CHA.


A popular optional rule is called ‘feats’. From the players handbook:

A feat represents a talent or an area of expertise that gives a character special capabilities. It embodied training, experience, and abilities beyond what a class provides.

I an planning to take ‘Alert’ for my feat. Alert gives me a +5 to initiative rolls, and I can’t be surprised while conscious. I plan to play it with a cool RPG twist.

We run into a lot of ambushes–yeti rising up out of the tundra, barbarians, bandits. We just fought a scab zombie dragon and a simulacrum from the Snow Witch.

I think my wizard is starting to get paranoid. Maybe even PTSD. He has heightened alertness because he’s getting jumped all of the time, and now there is at least a 13th level wizard out there looking for him.

So maybe it’s not paranoia, since everybody really is out to get him.


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