Streamlining Encounters

10 Feb

Here is a nifty form designed for D&D 5E that I found at Crit Games.

It looks like a character sheet, but it is designed to keep track of all of your many threads involved in a combat. You can keep track of three different types of monsters, and up to six of each type of monsters in each group. There are stat blocks for each monster type, boxes for that monster’s initiative modifier, attack capabilities, special attacks, experience points earned for defeating for the group, and hit points for up to six different individual monsters in each group.

The best part, the most handy part, is the numbered list down the left side of the page to write down everybody’s initiative roll. So cool!

My initial thoughts…

I am not sure how handy this would be for wandering monsters, because of all of the monster data that needs to be transcribed onto it. However, for planned encounters which you set up in advance of game time, I think this will be great! I currently have index cards with monster stats that I wrote out that I can just draw out of a box for my encounters. My cards even work great for random encounters, because I can just slip what I need out of the box. However, this sheet consolidates several monster types onto one sheet, and that initiative list is going to be handy! Right now I just list names down on a piece of scratch paper.

I can’t wait to try this tonight.


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