17 Dec

Howdy, everybody!

I know…I haven’t been around here much. Been busy. Rearranging some things in my life. One thing that has come back into my life after a 25+ year hiatus has been Role Playing Games! No, not the kinky kind. The pen-and-pencil, dice rolling kind that I used to spend a huge portion of my discretionary time on in high school.

Back then, the state of the art RPG was Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, or AD&D. The game has been through several versions, and even a company change in the mean time. D&D has changed hands from TSR in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin has to Wizards of the Coast in Seattle, Washington. And it has been through version 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, etc. to the D&D 5th edition of today, or 5E, for short.

Earlier this year I decided to get back into gaming, and role playing in particular. Since 5E was the current incarnation, I decided to give it a shot. I bought the Starter Set and a DM screen to get things going.

I have been very happy with what I have discovered!

I currently participate in two active games, both set in the popular Forgotten Realms setting. I am running the campaign that came in the Starter Set, Lost Mine of Phandelver, and am very impressed. I also picked up a campaign book set in Icewind Dale, of the Forgotten Realms. Icewind Dale is the setting for the popular Dark Elf novel series by RA Salvatore, starring one of the most popular fantasy characters of all time, the drow ranger Drizzt Do’Urden. My son, Joshua, has been running a Star Wars RPG for a long time and was interested in learning D&D. He is playing in the starter campaign I am running, so I turned the Icewind Dale book over to him to Dungeon Master, and I am playing in his campaign. I am even getting out of my comfort zone in his game and am playing a wizard, a class I don’t think I ever played back in the day. I was always partial to dwarf fighters, with an occasional ranger.

I am also working on a world from scratch based upon ideas I have been kicking around for almost twenty years.

How does this effect y’all here?

Well, I wanted to relate the updated D&D world to all of my old gaming buddies, plus other gamers I have met on-line over the years. I made a Facebook group called Friends of the Dwarf Gaming Guild for us all, and planned to update everybody over there. The FB group has been great for short messages, like FB is, but this morning I wrote out a very short piece, just scratching the surface, of some of the differences between AD&D and D&D 5E…and it turned out to be over 800 words. And there is room for a lot more. IMHO, that’s way too long for FB posts.

Well, that would be perfect for a blog. And I just happen to have a blog! With a perfect name for an RPG/gaming blog! The Grinning Dwarf Pub!

The one problem…the things I have been posting in here do not go along very well with the gaming ideas I want to run with. I intend to change the focus from theology, current events, and whatever happens to tickle my fancy on any particular day, to focus on RPGs and board gaming. You who are already following might not be interested in where I am going with The Grinning Dwarf Pub.

I am not sure yet what I am going to do with all of the old posts from here. I do know that I will have to move them somewhere else, I just haven’t figured that part out yet. I will let you know when I do.

So for next time…the differences between fighters and wizards in AD&D and 5E.

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