By the Duck Pond

21 Sep

The active mayflies over the water looked like little pinpoints of light. Mayflies right over the waters surface moved horizontally over the water, occasionally dipping into the water to release eggs. The mayflies twenty or thirty feet over the water moved more vertically, with four or five foot climbs and dives.

There was no way to get the images before me clearly on any camera I had with me — and that was okay. Why was it okay? Some things are meant to be experienced in the moment. Forget about the camera. Forget about your problems or ‘real life’. Just sit back and enjoy.


See? Can't see the mayflies.

I looked down at the 2×6 rail by the intake screens and saw the sparse, scattered remains of a crawdad. One leg right in front of me. One more about a foot away. Two legs and bits of shell a foot past that. One last leg about six inches past that. Apparently, the rail had been the dinner table for somebody last night. Raccoon? Probably. I can’t imagine a hyper river otter sitting still on the rail long enough to leave such evidence.


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