T-minus Twenty-Four Hours

17 Jul

This time tomorrow morning, Grace and I will be on the road.

All of the gear has been assembled. The plan, such as it is, has been roughed out. I’m making this up largely as I go. We will combine camping, motels, and staying with friends. Grace is nervous about the camping. She has never done anything more rugged than backyard camping, but she will be fine. I have not made any motel reservations. My parents used to plan vacations down to the last detail. They always knew exactly where we would be and when we would be there before we even left. None of that for me…at least on this trip. I want the flexibility to dawdle someplace if I want to. The friends we will be staying have only a rough idea of when we will be showing up. I’ll call them a day or so before we get there.

I am probably going to be useless at work today.

There is a sense of urgency for me about this trip. I am glad Grace asked last spring to see the place where I grew up. I am glad we made the decision to make the trip this summer. She is sixteen. She might not be so open about taking a trip lie this with Dad next year. This might be the last window I have to spend a large chunk of time with my little girl…who isn’t so little any more.

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