The Walking Dead Wrap

30 Mar

The season finale of The Walking Dead was a ninety minute roller coaster ride that delivered on The Walking Dead reputation. With that said, I’ve been reading about a lot of dissatisfaction on the Internet with the way certain events played out. Here is my take on them, in no particular order.

(Here there be spoilers! Consider yourself warned!)

Glenn’s Miraculous Escape: A lot of people thought it was a story telling trick to have a wing-shot Glenn piled on by walkers, and then the next time we see him, he is jumping Nicholas out of nowhere. The cry is “How did Glenn get away from that?”

Seriously? Haven’t we seen Glenn get out of worse situations? Didn’t we see him beat his way out of a roomful of walkers while tied to a chair? After he had been beaten to a pulp by The Governor’s henchmen? This was,indeed, serious, but not insurmountable for our Glenn. We know he’s got the skills. And let me ask you this…even with the expanded ninety minute format, what other scene would you have cut out of the episode to make room for Glenn’s escape? Time is at a premium. I didn’t think they needed to show us exactly ‘how’. We know that Glen ‘can’, and we know that he ‘did’. That’s exactly what was necessary for the story.

Glenn Can’t Pull the Trigger: A lot of people were ticked that Glenn didn’t pull the trigger on the guy that had just tried to shoot him, and then feed him to walkers.

While I can agree with that idea, and I think I probably would have pulled the trigger in that situation, I think there was a good reason to get Nicholas back to Alexandria alive. The Alexandrians need to witness the kind of people they have in their midst, to better know what happened to Aiden, and the others who Aiden and Nicholas got killed.

Brain Dead Gate Move: One of the Alexandrian greenhorns wants to get to the town meeting, so he asks Father Gabriel to close the gate. Gabriel, not being in a great frame of mind to begin with, doesn’t get the gate closed all the way and walks away. Yahoo!TV calls this the “brain dead move of the week”. I have also seen this referred to as a breakdown in the writing.

Yeah…it was a brain dead move. No…it was not a writing flaw. The Alexandrians are not very security conscious. This was established when Rick leaned that there was no permanent guard in the tower. The Alexandrian at the gate wanted to get to the meeting. He handed his job off to one of Rick’s people. Rick’s people are suposed to be the guys who really know what they’re doing, so he figured he left the job in good hands. The guard did not know that he was handing the job off to the one incompetent guy in Rick’s group. This was written this way to emphasize to the Alexandrians how much they still have to learn about this world.

Rick’s Mouthful of Goo: I saw a lot of comment today that asked why Rick didn’t turn, considering that he got a face-full of walker goo.

Since when has that ever happened, anyway? As long as the goo didn’t find any open cuts, Rick should be good.

Can’t wait for Season 6! At least we will have Fear the Walking Dead to get us through the summer, huh?

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One response to “The Walking Dead Wrap

  1. whitefeatherfloating

    March 31, 2015 at 3:04 pm

    It was a pretty intense episode, and while I probably would have pulled the trigger on the guy, too, we should all know by now that THAT IS NOT WHO GLENN IS!!!


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