Condoned By Calvin

11 Jan

Ligonier Ministries published a blog post yesterday that I think speaks directly to the series I recently ran on homosexuality.

John Calvin on Condoning Theological Delusion

The distinction Calvin draws here—a distinction which the Reformed tradition has consistently recognized—is not, it should be noted, one between biblical doctrines and speculative ideas lacking scriptural foundation. It is, rather, a distinction between biblical doctrines which are essential to one’s salvation—doctrines one must get right—and biblical doctrines which one might potentially fumble without impairing one’s hope of salvation.

My point, if you recall, was that if people are correct on the concepts of grace, then whatever errors they may have on other non-essential points must also be covered by the blood.

I think I stand in Calvin’s corner on this one. That’s pretty good company to be in.


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