Looking For Backcountry Stories

26 Jun


I received a request that I will publish here in full:

My name is Adam Somers. I am working as a volunteer with the CCC to create an anthology of writing from any Backcountry Trails Program alumnus that wants to share their experience as a corps member either from the point-of-view of their time in the BC Program from journal entries, etc. or from the perspective of looking back on the experience and its impact on their lives today for example. I was wondering if you could publish this on your blog and have submissions sent to my email address. The deadline is roughly the end of August. I would also be interested in poetry, short stories, memoir from the BC Program experience as well.

I have checked this out through Backcountry staff, and it is for real. So…any Backcountry Corpies who want to get involved in this worthwhile project, send your stuff to Adam’s e-mail:

Go for it, Corpies!

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